Types of Memberships










Preferred vendors are listed (with a link) in all of our emails, receive a business card sized ad in each issue of the monthly newsletter; the opportunity to include a flyer in our new member packets;  appear in our meeting intro PowerPoint presentation; and can set up their marketing materials on a vendor table at monthly meetings and events. We also promote our vendors on our social networks. 


Exclusive Vendor Membership: $499 a year.  This membership is only available if, at the time of acceptance and payment, there are no other competing vendors in that category.


Non-Exclusive Vendor Memberships: $349 a year.  If a vendor holds a Non-Exclusive membership, other vendors in a competing business also may be allowed to purchase a Non-Exclusive Vendor Membership.

A vendor membership needs to be approved by the NHREIA Board of Directors.

“When I first came to NHREIA, I thought ‘why haven’t I ever come here before? I’ve never walked out of a meeting without learning something.'” NHREIA member, James McCormick