COVID19 Resources for RE Investors

We hope you and your families are well during this time of uncertainty. This is a very challenging time for everyone and NHREIA is here to help you as you navigate through your business issues.

As COVID19 issues are affecting real estate investors in many ways, we’ve created this resource page and will update it often.  We also encourage you to like our Facebook page and join our Facebook group.  These are great ways to connect with others in our group and discuss any difficulties or challenges that arise and ways to handle these dilemmas.


May 15, 2020
This new Governor’s Executive order extends the prior emergency orders by another 21 days through June 5, 2020.


Tenant Resources
list of resources for tenants who have been financially affected by COVID19


National REIA COVID19 Updates
Information about how the changes in federal policies and state and local decisions might affect our members


Disaster Relief Program Comparison
Comparison of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and EIDL Emergency Grants


SBA Funding Programs/Disaster Assistance

PPP, EIDL, Grants 3.29.2020
low interest disaster loans to help businesses and homeowners recover from declared disasters


US Chamber of Commerce
guidance for businesses, workers and families


CARES Act Update from USI

CARES Act Return-To-Work Safety Reference Materials
5 Phases for Re-opening
Checklist for Cleaning and Disinfection of Equipment
Communicable Disease Prevention Program
10 Steps for workplace-sign
COVID-19 – Eliminate the Spread – Workday-sign
COVID-19 – Stand 6 Feet Apart Sign
RMC Do Not Enter If Symptoms Sign
Wash Your Hands Fact Sheet Sign
Notification to Employees of Covid-19 Screening
Covid 19 Employee Screening Form(1)
How to Properly Put on a Mask Video

New Hampshire Housing – Information for Multi-Family Housing Partners & COVID19 on Notices and Polices

Bigger Pockets Coronavirus Updates for Real Estate Investors